Discover Your Career Strengths

Discover Your Career Strengths

  • Move ahead in your career.
  • Find the right job where you will be valued and compensated for your abilities.
  • Enjoy a career that enables you to feel happy and fulfilled in your work.
  • Know your real career strengths through objective, unbiased data.
  • Learn how to position your strengths for career success.

BestWork DATA - Objective Insights into Your Career Strengths

BestWork DATA is a state-of-the-art online tool that you can complete on your own computer in about 25 minutes. Once you complete your part of the process, we'll send you the following reports:

  • Job Search Coach: This report will coach you on how to be more effective in your job search. While it talks about elements that would be found in any well-planned and well-executed job search, the comments are based on your own personality traits and cognitive abilities. It is your report and it is unique to you.

  • Jobs to Seek & Jobs to Avoid: Some jobs are defined by certain skills or knowledge, however, most jobs use skills or knowledge that can be learned by many people. This is valuable for those jobs that ask the question about whether you can do that job or not. This report looks at the strengths and abilities – personality traits and cognitive traits (ways of learning) – that are special to you.

  • What I Bring to the Job: This is designed to help you present a prospective employer with an objective and reliable description of your individual strengths, based on your cognitive abilities and hard-wired personality traits.

  • Job Sorting Guide: This is a chart that shows where your strengths are on a scale of various job requirements. When you are reading about different jobs, use this chart to see how your strengths compare to the ones in the job description.

  • Selling Yourself into the Job: The purpose of this report is to put the basic elements of your job search into the terms of a sales process. It will not make it more comfortable, but perhaps it will enable you to see small steps that you can make to be more effective in pursuing your next job.

  • Questions for Prospective Employer: This report will provide a set of questions designed to assess how well a particular company's culture, organizational model, and operations style matches your personality strengths. While it is rare to find a perfect fit, these questions can offer some additional help for you in selecting a position in which you can achieve success.

  • Work Environment Report: This report will point out the factors of your personality that are most likely affected by your work environment. This report will also give you guidelines on what type of environment will usually be best for you.

Here are some samples of reports you will receive.