BestWork Data Career Strengths


Data-based assessment to help people understand their career strengths. A call to discuss the reports will be scheduled once the assessment is concluded.

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BestWork Data reports offer valuable insights into people’s strengths and how well their qualities may serve them well in their career. The assessment is straight forward. Each participant completes their assessment in about 25 minutes online. There are two sections: One is focused on preferences and the other is a cognitive processing test — a series of 60 questions in a 15-minute period.

Once a user completes their assessment, he or she will receive a copy of their Job Strengths Report. The data can then be sliced to generate additional reports, such as:

  • Job Search Coach
  • Jobs to Seek & Jobs to Avoid
  • What I Bring to the Job
  • Job Sorting Guide
  • Selling Yourself into the Job
  • Questions for Prospective Employer
  • Work Environment Report

Once the assessment is concluded, we will generate and send you these reports. A call to discuss the reports with you will be scheduled once the assessment is concluded and you receive your reports.