Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson, M.A., I/O Psychologist-Practitioner

Alex describes herself as 'living in the gap between the Neurotypical and Neurodivergent' (ND) worlds, as she has always worked with and intuitively understood ND's, yet pretending to be Neurotypical, via her ability to hide her autistic traits.

A similar story to millions of ND women, Alex was misdiagnosed and misunderstood prior to this year, resulting in difficulties accepting and advocating for her needs at work. Because she struggled to even identify the source of her overwhelm, she ultimately experienced severe 'autistic burnout.'

She is now learning how to advocate for her needs with others and accommodate herself, and is sharing her journey, which has attracted 320,000+ followers and over 180 million video views on her TikTok channel, @actually___alex.

Hire Alex for Your Organization

I am happy to recommend Alex. You can contact Alex directly at: [email protected]