Remote Work Reports

Receive Personalized Remote Working Reports at No Charge

Work Better with BestWork DATA Insights

The current crisis has suddenly forced many teams to work remotely, a situation for which most were not prepared. We’re offering personalized reports to help your remote team members and managers work and manage more effectively – AT NO CHARGE.

Thanks to our partnership with the generous BestWork DATA company, organizations and individuals can receive reports to help manage through the current crisis. The reports are:


  • Remote Working for You: For the employee working remotely to help them adjust to the situation.
  • Manage Me Remotely: For the manager of the employee working remotely, advising them on how to positively manage that employee during this time.
  • Your Remote Managing Coach: For the manager themself, helping them adjust to managing remotely.


  • Remote Working For You: For the employee working remotely to help them adjust to that situation
  • Managing Me Remotely: For the employee to give to their manager, suggesting the best way to manage them during this time

Once you receive your reports, team members and managers can review them together and discuss ways to make remote working more effective. Because reports are customized to each person’s strengths and challenges recommendations are specific and actionable.

If you have already completed BestWork DATA, we will map your data over to these reports and send them to you. If you have not completed BestWork DATA, we will send you information to complete a 25-minute online instrument that will compile your data. After you complete, we will send your reports to you.

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What Is BestWork DATA?

BestWork Data is a compelling system that combines a personal traits element along with a cognitive processing section.

One part of BestWork DATA measures core personality traits that tend to remain stable over time. These are based upon the Big Five personality model, which is universally regarded as the standard among leading instruments. Each has been found to be directly related to job performance across a wide range of jobs.

The cognitive processing section is timed and measures how people process information. BestWork DATA is easy to complete online through a simple 25-minute instrument. You answer questions with your honest responses. Your data is then compiled into insightful reports that are shared with you via email.