You Need a Website

If you are in business today, you need a website. Some people will tell you to just have a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter handle. Those are good, but you need your own space on the Internet to control exactly what people see when they look for you.

Hello –

My name is Chuck Hall, CEO of Bizinuum. I’ve been building websites since Friday, April 20, 1995. That’s when I sat in a groundbreaking training class at Apple Headquarters and started coding websites. A lot has changed since then, but I have to tell you that most people make websites way too complicated.

Keep it Simple!

That’s what I do – create simple websites to help businesses do just as much as they need to get the customers they want to have.

How Much Will It Cost?

I’ve built websites for $300, and I’ve been on teams that have built $300,000+ websites. Most sites I build cost between $500 and $2,500. The key is to get the site you need today and make sure you can add on to it as your business and needs grow.

What Should I Put on My Website?

Good question! What do your customers need to know about you? Think about your customer first. When someone wants to do business with you, what do they need to know? Your hours, location, products, services and costs are all good things. And maybe a little more, depending on the kind of business you are in.

What Color Should My Website Be?

Your website can be whatever color you like. Some color schemes work better than others, and we'll be happy to discuss. Based on your color preferences, we will pick colors for your website that will work well together.

Do I Need Pictures?

Pictures are good, and professional pictures that make you and your business look great are even better. That said, most smart phones today take pretty good pictures. With good lighting, several options and the right framing, you can start your site with some basic pictures.

Do I need words?

Yes! What do you have to say to your potential customers about how you can help them? If you know exactly what you want to say on your site, great. Send it to us and we'll get it on your new site. But many people struggle to figure out what to say on their website. We can help! We can give you some tips, or if you need, we can even talk with you and write your website content for you.

Should it work on a cell phone?

Every website we create can be seen on cell phones. Depending on your business, you may want to invest to a greater or lesser degree to deliver a high quality mobile experience.

How soon can you start?

In most cases, we can talk about your website today, get a proposal to you within three days and start as soon as you sign off on the proposal and pay your initial deposit. We deliver initial designs and go over them with you within one week of starting.

How soon will it be done?

Most websites are complete within 30 days. Really simple sites have launched the same day that we start. In fact, our record website launch is one hour and 25 minutes from getting the go ahead to launch! That was a two-page site that included a home page and a contact form. It can be done! Some sites take 60 or 90 days, but that's usually because there's a lot of content to be created or because people take time to get professional photos taken, develop custom content, or want to build out a shopping cart with many products to sell. We happily build time lines int our website proposals.

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